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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

Botox temporarily blocks the nerve endings to the facial muscles relaxing them. By reducing muscle movement, the skin stops being creased and is allowed to recover, causing the lines to soften and fade away. Over time the patient can retrain the facial muscles to be less expressive by breaking the habit of subconscious overuse.

Is it safe?

The cosmetic benefits of Botox were discovered in 1990 and it has been used effectively and safely ever since.

What happens during treatment?

The treatment involves injecting very small doses of Botox via an extremely fine needle into the appropriate area. This sometimes causes a brief stinging sensation. Discomfort is so mild that anaesthesia is not required. Normal activity can be resumed immediately after the procedure.

Are there any side-effects?

No serious side effects have ever been reported, when using Botox for cosmetic treatments. Minor side effects occur in a small number of patients and are always fully reversible within a few days to a few weeks. Immediately after the injection there may be mild swelling and redness which subsides within a few days.

Bruising at the injection site may occur; this can be covered with makeup if needed. Rarely a temporary drooping of the eye lid may occur, this resolves within a few weeks. Very rarely following repeated injections the patient may develop antibodies to Botox . This makes subsequent treatments ineffective.

Restylane and other Dermal Fillers


Are the injections painful?


The area is first numbed using a local anaesthetic cream.  This will help minimise any slight discomfort you may feel.  When treating the lips, pain relief in the form of local anaesthetic nerve block (similar to that administered by a dentist) is used.


How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.  Please arrive for your appointment a little earlier to ensure the anaesthetic cream has plenty of time to work.

How long will the treatment last?

Unlike permanent implants, Restylane always leaves you with the option of re-evaluating your needs when the initial effect has worn off.

To achieve the result you want it is recommended to have a touch-up treatment 2 weeks after the initial session. This will also add to the duration of the treatment effect. Experience shows that Restylane Lipp is effective for nine to twelve months.  Other Restylane products will last between 6 and 12 months depending on how much movement there is in that area and your body's own metabolism.

What should I do prior to my appointment?

  • You will need to provide the practitioner with your medical details prior to treatment. We need to know of any medication you are taking.
  • Refrain from taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen or any anti-coagulant medication 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Alcohol intake should be reduced at least 24 hours before treatment.
  • Sunbeds should be avoided for several days prior to treatment as they increase blood flow and therefore increase the risk of bruising.

and see a difference just after one or two treatments but schedule additional treatments to increase this improvement.


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Juvederm Ultra BOTOX TEOSYAL Sculptra Restylane
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Juvederm Ultra BOTOX TEOSYAL Sculptra Restylane
Juvederm Ultra BOTOX TEOSYAL Sculptra Restylane